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We want to open new chapters of Elev8Potential across the world by making it as simple as possible for other coaches to join our team, copy what we have learned and take this adventure further.

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The Faces Behind our Success

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Brendan Martin

Brendan has 20 years of experience in coaching individuals and teams towards success, both in the workplace and in elite sports. He has founded and currently owns several companies. His life's purpose is to help create more positive and unforgettable moments, which is why he brings a fun twist to Elev8Potential!

Sam Jaelah

From conquering personal challenges, he's unlocked a transformative code for himself. Now, he's committed to empowering others by sharing these invaluable secrets. Dedication drives him to give back, serving as a beacon for those seeking growth and change.

Mustafa Jaelah

Your friendly aspiring videographer from Oslo, he found his groove in crafting short films, cinematic videos, and lively skits. He specializes in making videos and filming seminars, adding his unique touch to every project. Seeing each new gig as a learning experience, he’s excited to keep the creative vibes flowing. Stay tuned for more visual stories – there's a lot more to come!

Kim Zürcher

Kim is on a mission to raise the vibe of the world, one person at a time! Already at a young age, Kim discovered the essence of what makes life meaningful to him, a revelation that has shaped him into the coach he is today. He aspires to guide thousands on a journey toward lives filled with purpose and passion, offering a path to change by identifying and releasing limiting beliefs.

Nenad Leonart

Having performed in over 1000 public events as a musician and reaching millions online, Nenad has learned everything necessary to perform at the highest level. He now coaches and inspires people to tap into their fullest potential. Explore the depths of the human mind, learn how to grow sustainably and elevate your authentic expression through his simple and innovative approach: Rediscovering the essence of your life.

We stop at nothing

Why would we?

We Love To Explore​

New Experiences and meeting new people is fun and rewarding.

We Take It Step-By-Step

Once a chapter is opened, we build upon it to ensure its lasting impact.

We Keep It Simple


Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Helping Each Other

That’s how we can grow, together, learning with each other, supporting each other.

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