Open a Chapter

Get all that you need to hold your first event...

Part 1

Practical and admin

What's Important

To get started, get in touch with us so we can help you set up everything needed to launch your own chapter. You will get access to the exercises and get them explained, so you can learn, train and ultimately create your own event. 

When you start, you will get access to your own Google Calendar with the name of your Chapter, get your own page, as well as get your picture and short bio displayed. You will want to create some sort of registration form (like Google Forms) and put the link to it in the event description to track your registrations. 

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The first and foremost thing is to get the exercises down for your event. Keep in mind: They’re designed to be easy and fun, so you have the most freedom possible when presenting. If it helps, you can have your notes with the exercises with you at the event at all times, so you can have a sneak peek if you should need one.

The second and probably most important thing is to get people to sign up for your events. So just go ahead and talk to everyone who would be interested… you want to get your event filled as quickly as possible!

Part 2

Setting up the live event

What's Important

We want the location to be a safe space and environment during the live events, where people feel comfortable and can do the exercises uninterrupted. Safety is not just about physical well-being but also about feeling mentally and emotionally secure.

Make sure to reserve a location that fits the event, create a Google Calendar entry as well as a registration form (for example in Google Forms). This way you know how many people signed up for one particular event. And always keep in touch with people who might be interested in coming to the event – if not the next one, maybe the one after that!

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Make sure it’s a quiet place, somewhere people can concentrate during the exercises. Access to bathroom is mandatory! Also some kind of catering or at least drinks are recommended. Give your best to make it look and feel professional, people will thank you for it.

Also think of an illustration method: Have a whiteboard or large paper for illustrations. You could also have your computer ready with a presentation loaded and a beamer. And some speakers for background music.

Part 3

On the evening

What's Important

Make sure to be at least one hour before at the location. Clear out any tables to the sides, you want the space open. Form the chairs into a half-circle so people can see each other. Make sure to have paper and pen ready for everyone who wants to take notes as well. Adjust the lights, get the background music going, and soon people will arrive.

Freedom to Opt-Out: Let participants know that they are free to opt-out of any exercise if they feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Reinforce that we’re all gonna take a kind and loving approach towards each other. Also say that while there will be scheduled breaks, the participants are free to take their own breaks whenever needed, even during exercises.

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When a large group like this gather at a live event and possibly don’t know each other it is wise to have some background music and walk around thanking everyone for coming to the event. Introduce people sitting beside each other for example. When it’s time to start, turn off the background music and everyone will automatically know that the event is starting.

The event’s heart are the exercises. It’s very important to get the participants into doing from the get go. Just lead by example, and for example demonstrate how the exercise is done yourself.

Part 4

Following up after the event

What's Important

Follow up with the participants and ask them how it was for them, what their takeaways were and so on.

At the end of the event, you can offer a included 1-1 coaching session with you. Some will take it, some won’t. Anyway, it’s a great way to get them even more interested in the process.

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Always listen. Get feedback and take notes, even if it’s not something that you’d want to hear…

The feedback of the participants will be something that you want to use and build upon for the future events, improving and creating an even better experience for them each time.

Go Unscripted

The Lean Coffee Format

A fun way to go about your events would be to implement the Lean Coffee Format. 

Lean Coffee is a structured, agenda-less meeting format that is designed to facilitate open and productive discussions. It is commonly used in various settings. The format encourages participant-driven conversations and promotes collaboration and efficiency. Just write different topics on the post-it papers on the board, and let the participants mark the ones they want to do on that day!