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After 20 years experience of coaching individuals and teams, Brendan Martin created one packed full evening of practical tips and techniques. 

At the end of this 4 hour event, you will have:

1.  A deeper understanding of the authentic fun you!

2. A better understanding of whats holding you back 

3. Tips and techniques to deal with nerves and social anxiety

4. Better understanding on building 30 day habits

5. Structure and Accountability to keep you on track 

6. Techniques to work on both the inner & outer you

7.  Framework to get you more interested in life again

Suitable for anyone looking to release more potential in life.

Meet the Amazing

Chapter Zürich Team

Kim Zürcher

Kim is on a mission to raise the vibe of the world, one person at a time! Already at a young age, Kim discovered the essence of what makes life meaningful to him, a revelation that has shaped him into the coach he is today. He aspires to guide thousands on a journey toward lives filled with purpose and passion, offering a path to change by identifying and releasing limiting beliefs.

Nenad Leonart

Having performed in over 1000 public events as a musician and reaching millions online, Nenad has learned everything necessary to perform at the highest level. He now coaches and inspires people to tap into their fullest potential. Explore the depths of the human mind, learn how to grow sustainably and elevate your authentic expression through his simple and innovative approach: Rediscovering the essence of your life.

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