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After 20 years experience of coaching individuals and teams, here is one packed full evening of practical tips and techniques. 

At the end of this 4 hour event, you will have:

1.  A deeper understanding of the authentic fun you!

2. A better understanding of whats holding you back 

3. Tips and techniques to deal with nerves and social anxiety

4. Better understanding on building 30 day habits

5. Structure and Accountability to keep you on track 

6. Techniques to work on both the inner & outer you

7.  Framework to get you more interested in life again

Suitable for anyone looking to release more potential in life.

Meet the Amazing

Chapter Oslo Team

Brendan Martin

Brendan has 20 years of experience in coaching individuals and teams towards success, both in the workplace and in elite sports. He has founded and currently owns several companies. His life's purpose is to help create more positive and unforgettable moments, which is why he brings a fun twist to Elev8Potential!

Sam Jaelah

From conquering personal challenges, Sam has unlocked a transformative code for himself. Now, he's committed to empowering others by sharing these invaluable secrets. Dedication drives him to give back, serving as a beacon for those seeking growth and change

Mustafa Jaelah

Your friendly aspiring videographer from Oslo, he found his groove in crafting short films, cinematic videos, and lively skits. He specializes in making videos and filming seminars, adding his unique touch to every project. Seeing each new gig as a learning experience, he’s excited to keep the creative vibes flowing. Stay tuned for more visual stories – there's a lot more to come!

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